Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How will my doctor know how I’m doing?

At Options Home Health, your care is coordinated with your physician. We keep in close contact with your physician and will notify him or her of any changes.


Is there a limit as to how long I can have my nurse, therapist or aide?

No. As long as the services are necessary and eligibility requirements are met, Options Home Health will provide for your care. However, this does not mean that Options will visit your home indefinitely. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools that give you the ability to manage your condition independently or with family assistance.


What does part-time or “intermittent” skilled nursing care mean?

Medicare defines part-time or intermittent skilled nursing care as care that is needed or given on fewer than seven days each week.


Am I eligible to receive Options Home Health services?

For Medicare home health care benefits, you must meet all the following conditions:

  • Your doctor must decide that you need medical care at home and then make a plan for your care at home
  • You must require at least one of the following: intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy
  • The home health agency caring for you must be certified by Medicare
  • You must be homebound or normally unable to leave home unassisted

Who can benefit from Options Home Health services?

If you or a family member meets one or more of the following conditions, you are eligible.

  • Have been hospitalized two or more times in the past 12 months
  • Have frequent medication changes
  • Have one or more chronic diseases
  • Have a history of poor medication compliance
  • Have a medical necessity for home health care services
  • Have received a new diagnosis of heart disease

Can I request Options Home Health by name if my doctor orders home care?

Yes! Federal law states that you have a right to choose your home care provider.

How does Options pick its clinical staff? Are they pre-screened or background checked?

All patient care providers are thoroughly screened and undergo a background check. Additionally, clinical staff must have professional licenses and certifications that are applicable to their role, and we require several personal and professional references. Options Home Health has an extensive orientation process and offers continuing education and training.