Edema Management

Edema Home Health Care

Edema Management at Home

Edema affects approximately 25% – 50% of patients who undergo axillary node surgery. Edema can also be caused by swelling as a result of chronic venous insufficiency, post-op surgical complications and heredity. Patients who do not respond to diuretics and elevation are candidates for treatment.

The Edema Management Program at Options Home Health provides effective home health care services to patients suffering from this condition. Patients are seen by a registered nurse prior to treatment. Those needing assistance are provided with a home health aide to help with activities of daily living (bathing, toileting, dressing, eating).

The Consequences of Edema

  • The affected area is impaired
  • Joint movement is restricted
  • Skin becomes dry and taut
  • Tissues become hard and fibrotic, restricting the flow of blood and oxygen
  • Infections tend to recur
  • Increased blistering causes leakage and development of serious wounds

Our Edema Management Program

  • Lymphedema therapist provides a combination of lymphatic massage, bandaging and compression
  • Treatments are performed in conjunction with remedial exercises with bandages to increase lymphatic flow and promote edema reduction
  • Patients are educated in the disease process and self-care
  • When appropriate, patients are fitted for a compression sleeve and provided a compression pump for ongoing maintenance

NOTE: When patients receive this therapy at home, there is no co-pay and no capitation, and supplies are covered by Medicare.