Medication Management

Home Care Medication Management Program

Medication Management at Home

As people get older, the likelihood of developing one or more chronic conditions increases. As more medications are prescribed, some by different doctors, the risks of side effects, drug interactions, confusion about the directions, and missing or taking extra doses go up as well. In fact, medication errors are the fifth leading cause of death in people over the age of 65 in the United States. That’s why proper medication management is vital, and critically so for seniors.

Options Home Health offers an in-home health medication management program that ensures that the patient’s medications are working as intended and improving the patient’s quality of life. A registered nurse undertakes an in-home assessment that includes a list of the patient’s medications, dosages and instructions, and develops a plan of care for taking the medications correctly. If symptoms are no longer in control, our nurse will consult with the patient’s physician to adjust or change the medication.


Our Home Medication Management Program

  • Confirmation of medication regimen with patient’s physician
  • Development of a medication schedule
  • Education about the dosages and frequency
  • Analysis of patient response to medications
  • Incorporation of new medications into schedule as needed
  • Reminders for taking medications at the right times
  • Organization of pills into a dispenser by day and week
  • Consultation with physician when problems arise