Oncology / Cancer Care

Help for Cancer Patients at Home

Effective Cancer Care at Home

Cancer and other hematological disorders are complex and serious illnesses, and medical management must be supplemented by other types of care. Cancer patients feel more comfortable and secure being treated at home where they are surrounded by family, friends and familiar possessions. Our home cancer care program helps patients achieve this desire.

Options Home Health provides a team approach that includes nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, home health aides and family members. The goal of our program is to increase the patient’s quality of life and promote independence, while supporting the patient and family throughout the treatment process.

Benefits of Options Oncology/Cancer Care

  • Improved quality of life with fewer unplanned hospitalizations
  • Improved coping mechanisms for patients and their caregivers
  • Improved functioning and level of independence

Our Oncology Home Health Care Program

  • Skilled nurses perform the following tasks:
    • Medication management including chemotherapy side effects
    • Symptom assessment
    • Bladder and bowel management
    • Catheter insertion and management
    • Ostomy education and management
    • Pain management
    • Therapeutic counseling to monitor vital signs
    • Wound care and dressing changes
    • Central line, port and pump management
  • Medical social workers provide:
    • Long-term planning
    • Access to community resources
  • Physical therapists offer:
    • Home exercise program
    • Gait and balance training
    • Home safety assessment
    • Lymphedema therapy
    • Aqua therapy
    • Pain modalities
  • Occupational therapists help with:
    • Activities of daily living
    • Energy conservation techniques
    • Instruction/management of adaptive equipment
    • Sensory treatment
    • Muscle re-education
    • Fine motor improvement
    • Fabrication of splints
  • Speech therapists treat:
    • Swallowing problems
    • Speech functioning
  • Home health aides provide:
    • Assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, toileting, dressing, eating)