At-Home Health Care Services

Skilled Nurses
Assess and monitor patient’s condition, educate on disease process, manage post-surgical recovery, provide medication management and education, wound care, chronic disease education and management, and interventions to reduce the need for hospitalization.
Home Health Aides
Assist with activities of daily living, provide personal services (bathing, grooming, dressing) and perform light housekeeping tasks.
Medical Social Workers
Assist patient and family with coordination of community resources and financial aid, help patients determine appropriate health services, and offer support and counseling.
Physical Therapists
Oversee home safety assessment, help patient increase strength and restore physical functioning with personalized home exercise programs, instruct on use of assistive devices, provide gait training and fall prevention.
Occupational Therapists
Home evaluation, modification education and adaptation strategies to perform daily tasks of bathing, grooming and toileting, instructions on energy conservation techniques, upper extremity rehabilitation after injury or surgery.
Speech Therapists
Improve communication after a stroke, brain damage, muscle weakness or paralysis, provide treatment for swallowing problems that can occur in the elderly.
In-Home Assessment & Monitoring
Head-to-toe assessment conducted by an experienced clinician to gather vital information about the patient’s needs and condition to create an individualized plan of care.

About Our Home Care Services

When you or a loved one requires assistance dealing with an illness, managing medication or recovering from surgery, Options Home Health is here for you. And when we say “here,” we mean your home, because we know that is where you are most comfortable. Being in familiar surroundings helps put your mind at ease, which may help you recover more quickly.

Our skilled professionals have been providing home health care services in southeast Florida for over 10 years. We are committed to providing every service with the utmost compassion and care.