Medical Social Workers

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In-Home Social Worker Services

What do medical social workers do? These professionals help patients cope with illness and changes in life by short-term counseling, long-term planning, and access to community resources and services. Medical Social Workers (MSWs) also assist patients who are in at-risk circumstances or are experiencing hardship. They advocate and make recommendations for the patient and his or her family to better their living situation and quality of life.

After performing a thorough assessment to identify the patient’s physical and emotional needs, the home health medical social worker develops individualized short- and long-term goals to ensure the best outcome for the patient. Such plans may include:

  • Arranging for follow-up treatment and caregiving services
  • Offering counseling as needed
  • Assist with nursing home placement
  • Suggesting or finding assisted living accommodations
  • Coordinating community resources – such as non-medical transport or Meals on Wheels
  • Financial assistance
  • Enrollment in services

We’re Here for Your Loved One

Why might your loved one need the services of a medical social worker? Change is difficult for all of us but especially so for the elderly. Returning home from the hospital after surgery or an illness can be stressful. Following medical instructions, arranging for appointments, dealing with insurance and generally trying to recover are all taxing.

Options Home Health social workers are there for your family. They use their specialized knowledge and skills to access resources to help you get over the hurdles you might face at this time, such as a language barrier or limited financial resources. They know how to communicate effectively with medical professionals.

When your loved one arrives home, wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone with the knowledge and experience to guide the family compassionately through this challenging time is on your team?