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In-Home Speech Therapy Services

Communication is vital for people of any age. While we often think of young children as those in need of speech therapy, adults in certain situations benefit from this service as well. Patients recovering from a stroke or other brain injury, and those with weakened vocal cords, swallowing problems or dementia are prime candidates for home health speech therapy. If you notice that you or your loved one is finding speaking or otherwise communicating difficult, then it’s time to think about speech therapy.

A home health speech therapist is an ideal solution. An experienced, skilled therapist works with patients in their homes, helping to bring back their abilities to speak, eat and swallow. After evaluating the patient’s current communication skill level and any cognitive loss, the speech therapist collaborates with the patient’s doctor to customize a treatment plan for improving the patient’s independence and quality of life. A speech therapist helps patients:

  • Learn safe swallowing and special feeding methods
  • Retrain muscles or change diet, as necessary
  • Perform specific vocal exercises
  • Overcome brain injuries or deficiencies
  • Communicate in a way that improves life and safety
  • Increase memory, attention and reasoning
  • Improve coping and problem-solving skills

We’re Here for Your Loved One

Are you looking for an in-home speech therapist in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach or any of the surrounding areas? Our team covers everywhere from Boca Raton to Sebastian and Okeechobee.

Speech is important at every age. An older person who loses the ability to communicate effectively may be unable to describe pain or summon assistance in an emergency. Let one of our speech therapists help your loved one recover this vital ability so you can rest assured that your family member continues to live safely and independently at home.